Sunday, September 4, 2016

T-minus 15 days!

Hello! My name is Lexy Fields. I'm from the Diocese of Florida and  I'll be serving in the Diocese of Costa Rica working at Hogar Escuela, a school for the children of single mothers.
And I officially have a plane ticket! I depart two weeks from tomorrow on September 19th, and I couldn't be more ready to start this journey! And by "ready", I mean emotionally and spiritually ready (I haven't packed a thing).
When I first began the process of applying for YASC, I honestly couldn't tell you what it was that I was expecting to gain because this process has taken my expectations and thrown them for a loop or two in the best way possible. I had always felt a calling to serve God in the most basic ways possible, by dropping everything and following, and I felt like the Young Adult Service Corps would be where I would find that. And I definitely have, but at this point, I'm having to deal with just some of sacrifices that this entails. Following where God's calling me means leaving a lot of what and who I love here. I've been getting sentimental to the point where I'll go to Publix and see my favorite cashier and get emotional. But if there's one thing I've learned about me and God's relationship this past year, is that he's going to pick me up and put me exactly where he wants me, and that where he wants me is where I need to be, and it's my job to show up.

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